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Trendsetter Policy

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Classes of Insurance

Motor Insurance

  • Private Carsand Pick-ups upto 3500 tonnes provided they are for personal usage.
  • Cover on agreed value basis provided a valuation is carried out annually.
  • Automatic AA OF KENYA membership for vehicles covered on comprensive basis.
  • Option of Reducing or waiving excess following a loss.
  • Emergency Hotel expenses following a loss insured vehicle up to Kshs.2,500/= per person and Kshs. 20,000/= per annum

Pleasure Craft

  • Costs incured as a result of sighting of hull following grounding even if no damage is found.
  • Emergency and salvage charge.
  • Transit risks.
  • Replacement of damaged sails and parts as a result of yatch racing.

Personal Computers

  • Property insured comprise CPU, keyboard, monitor, printer, mouse and accessories.
  • Physical Loss or damage to the property insured from any cause not specifically excluded.
  • If the property insured is lost or physically damaged and can not be repaired we will pay the current replacement value of a new item of equal performance and / or capacity.

Legal Costs

  • Civil Litigation instituted by or against you.
  • Your defense against criminal charges brought against you.

Work Injury Benefits Act

Any bodily injury by accident or disease to any domestic servant as noted in the schedule arising out of and in the course of his employment by you in connection with the house, garden, stable or motor cars, for which you are legallyliable in terms of the Work Injury Benefit Act (2007) as amended at the date of issue or renewal of this policy.

Bereavement Expenses

In the event of your death by natural cause or accident, we will pay to your nominated representative the benefit indicated in the plan selected.

Policy can also include benefits for spouse(s), parent(s) and/ or child (children) but only if such parties are indicated as ana insuredperson in the schedule.


  • Loss or damage to residenial premises as a result of insured perils.
  • Accidental breakage of fixed glass & sanitary ware.
  • Loss or damage to fixed water filtration & pumping equipment in domestic use upto 50,000/=.
  • Cost of employing security guards following loss
  • Property owners liability.

Personal Accident

  • Repatriation costs up to Kshs. 50,000/= over and above medical limit.
  • Bereavement expenses up to Kshs. 50,000/=.
  • Trauma - cost of counselling up to a maximum of Kshs. 100,000/=.
  • Cost of modifying vehicle or house in case of incapacity following an accident.

Personal All Risks

  • Current replacement cost for general property insured
  • Payment, repair or replacement cost for specified property.
  • Cover for collectors items e.g. stamp, coin, e.t.c.
  • Cover for motor car radios.

Household Goods

  • Hanging laundry, garden or swimming pool furniture in the open up to Kshs. 50,000/= at any one claim
  • Domestic staff property up to Kshs. 20,000/=.
  • Medical & veterinary expenses up to Kshs. 50,000/= per person or Kshs. 10,000/= per animal.
  • Loss of Rent cover.

Personal Liability

  • Costs incurred as a result fraudulent use of insured's credit cards, cash sim cards up to a limit of Kshs. 50,000/=.
  • Hole in one at any recognised golf club playing as an amateur golfer up to a limit of Kshs. 20,000/=.
  • Wrongful arrest or detention of any person as part of a neighbourhood watch program or other block watch groundof a similar non-profit voluntary organisation up to a limit of Kshs. 50,000/=.

AA of Kenya Membership

Hospital Cash

  • Reinbursement of in-patient hospitalization costs.