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Fire & Perils Cover

Available For

A Fire policy (basic cover) will provide cover for damage or destruction to insured property by Fire, lightning or explosion of domestic appliances.

The Fire & perils is an extension of the basic cover and will extend to include the following additional covers:-

  • Riot & Strike
  • malicious damage
  • Explosion
  • Special Perils (water perils of flood, blocked drains etc)
  • Earthquake
  • Bush Fire etc.

Important information required in assessing a fire risk will include:-

  • The value of property (Buildings, contents like furniture, stocks etc)
  • The nature of business / occupancy of the building
  • The nature of construction.
  • Location of the premises
  • State of housekeeping
  • Fire Fighting appliances available.

We recommended our clients obtain a professional valuation of properties such as buildings, plant & or machinery to ensure that they are adequately

Other items that can be insured under this policy include:-

  • Loss of rent following a fire
  • Loss of contents of underground tanks following an earthquake and earthquake cover for the swimming pool.